Environmental Medicine Research


About BioFact

Human health is closely related to the environment, which may both increase and decrease the risk of disease. Studies on the relation between the environment and disease are thus of crucial importance for the health and well being of mankind.

BioFact is an independent research centre that is engaged in scientific studies on the effects of environmental agents on human health. The research projects are either directed by BioFact or they are collaborative projects with other research centres or Universities. The results are published in international, scientific journals (Scientific Publications) and as BioFact Reports. The results are also presented at international conferences or in locally arranged seminars.

BioFact  performs risk assessments of agents in the general and occupational environments for organisations, industry or individuals. All evaluations are based on the most recent scientific information and present the best practical means in terms of handling risks.

BioFact organizes lectures, seminars, and meetings on subjects within its competence. Such activities are initiated by BioFact or are on demand.


Our mission is to undertake and assist in scientific research projects concerning the influence of the environment on human health. This work comprises definitions and measurements of agents, assessment of risks, and formulation of preventive measures and advice. The results are presented as reports and in scientific publications. Explore our pages to find out more!